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Emerging Leaders Node 5th Annual Summer Conference

July 29 – July 31, 2024

Please join NAADSN for the Emerging Leaders Node (ELN) 5th Annual Summer Conference, held via Zoom from Monday, 29 July 2024 to Wednesday, 31 July 2024. The Summer Conference is an excellent opportunity for young scholars, at various stages of academia, and early-career professionals to present their work to an academic and practitioner audience. This is the ELN’s signature event for the year and has historically been well-attended to show support for our Research Fellows,students, and early-career professionals.

To register, please do so here:

The Zoom link will be distributed closer to the event.


*Please note that all times are in Eastern Daylight Time*

Day 1, Monday 29 July 2024

11am: Maritime Domain

Moderator: Dr. Andreas Østhagen

Mihai Giboi – “Bypassing NATO Enlargement: Explaining Russian naval power projection through the Arctic”

Britney Ly – “Polar Periphery: Canada’s Role in the Arctic Security Dialogue Within the Wider International System”

Gershon Adela – “Arctic Maritime Geopolitics in an Era of Transition: The East vs. The West”

1pm: Keynote Address by Mr. Alexandre Léger, Canadian Policy Advisor to Commander of NORAD and USNORTHCOM

Moderated by Nicholas Glesby

3pm: Keynote Address by Dr. Bianca Romagnoli, Postdoctoral Fellow, Trent University

Moderated by Anna Soer


Day 2, Tuesday 30 July 2024

11am: Continental Defence

Moderator: Dr. Andrea Charron

Manuel Carranza – “North America’s Southern Flank Aegis: Mexican Continental Defence in the 21st Century”

Cdr Rachael Gosnell – “Deterrence and Defense in the High North”

Nicholas Glesby – “The Canada-United States Permanent Joint Board on Defence (PJBD): Providing Advice since 1940”

1pm: Canada and its Adversaries

Moderator: Dr. Marc Lanteigne

Campbell Clarke – “Cauldron of Conflict or Zone of Cooperation? The Past, Present and Future of Soft Security Relations Between Canada and Russia in the Arctic, 1942-2024”

Guðbörg Ríkey Th. Hauksdóttir – “China-Russia Arctic Cooperation: Key drivers and barriers”

Camille Luchs – “Understanding Chinese Investment in the Arctic”

3pm: Canada and NATO

Moderator: Dr. Thomas Hughes

Olivia Wynne Houck – “Arctic Islands, NATO, and the Vulnerabilities of the North American Continent, 1940-1955”

Èmile Lambert-Deslandes – “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: The Domestic Politics of NATO Deterrence”

Nicole Covey – “Canada’s Role in NATO”

8pm: Networking Night


Day 3, Wednesday 31 July 2024

11am: Personnel

Moderator: Dr. P. Whitney Lackenbauer

Leah Schmidt – “Queer (In)Security: Strength Perception and the Inclusion of Canadian 2SLGBTQI+ Military Personnel

Charlotte Duval-Lantoine – NORAD Modernization & Fifth Generation Capabilities: Impact on Personnel and Culture Change

Marshall Gerbrandt – “Everyday Pedagogy: Recognizing how military culture is taught and learned outside the classroom”

1pm: Energy and Infrastructure

Moderator: Dr. Heather Exner-Pirot

Christina Bouchard – “Development and Consultation in Northern Ontario”

Anna Soer – “Renewable Energies and Fossil Fuels in Nunavut: Two Sides of the Same Coin?”

Tate Williams – “Infrastructure Development in the Northwest Passage: Potential for Competition and Collaboration”

3pm: The Canadian Arctic

Moderator: Ms. Bridget Larocque

Kate Todd – “Canadian Armed Forces Activities in the Canadian Arctic: Legal and Policy Considerations, Challenges, and Ways Forward”

Matt Kallsen – “Narrative Building, an Essential Tool in Safeguarding the Security and Sovereignty in the Canadian Arctic”

Ashley Holden – “A Comparison of the Canadian Rangers with the Canadian Army’s Primary Reserve Force”

Samuel Pallaq Huyer – “Indigenous Arctic Sovereignty and Security: Indigenous Knowledge & Teachings for a more Secure Arctic”


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