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Portrayal of Arctic Indigenous Peoples in mainstream culture: accuracy or cliché?

November 6, 2023
Co-organized with the Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network
This webinar will focus on the portrayal of Arctic Indigenous peoples in mainstream culture and will be an opportunity to discuss the stereotypes associated with these communities.

In mainstream culture, representations of Arctic Indigenous peoples’ lifestyles, practices, arts, knowledge and ways of thinking are often oversimplified and based on stereotypes. This misrepresentation in Western media leads individuals to perceive Arctic indigenous peoples through clichés such as cruel hunting practices, living in an igloo, over-consumption of alcohol or even a primitive way of life.

Besides, the oversimplification of Arctic Indigenous cultures leads to a homogenisation of these peoples, grouping them under a single vague idea and thus overlooking their specific characteristics and their many differences.

The aim of this webinar is therefore to discuss these stereotypes and the extent to which they are harmful to Indigenous peoples. It is also an opportunity to examine the roots of these stereotypes – is this either/or colonisation, lack of understanding, commercial and tourism purposes? – and thereafter give a more accurate representation of what the different Indigenous cultures are about.

Date and time: Monday 6th November, 2023 – 5PM GMT


Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network


North American and Arctic Defence Security Network;



  • P. Whitney Lackenbauer – NAADSN Network Lead, Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in the Study of the Canadian North, Professor in the School for the Study of Canada at Trent University


  • Haliehana Alaĝum Ayagaa Stepetin – Artist, Activist, Assistant Professor of Arctic Security Studies at the Ted Stevens Center for Arctic Security Studies in Anchorage
  • Dirk Gindt – Professor of Theater Studies, University of Stockholm
  • Coppélie Cocq – Professor in Sámi Studies and Digital Humanities, Umeå University
  • Bridget Larocque – NAADSN Network Co-Lead, Northern Advisory Board Chair, Policy Advisor and Researcher with the Arctic Athabaskan (ACC)
  • Kimberely Fairman – Executive Director of the Institute for Circumpolar Health Research
  • Jen Sidorova – Research and Data Analyst at the University of Calgary and with Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada


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