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Team Member

Channah Greenfield

Graduate Fellow

Channah Greenfield is an MA Post Graduate student in Political Studies at the University of Manitoba, Canada, whose interests lie in counterinterinsurgency and cultural intelligence tactics in the modern Middle East. She received her BAHons (Pol. Stud.) from the University of Manitoba in February 2019. She is a Research Associate for the Center of Defence and Security Studies at the University of Manitoba and for NAADSN. In addition, she is a Teaching Assistant for the Political Studies Department. She has lived, studied and travelled extensively in Canada, Europe, the Middle East South Africa, and the USA. 

She has recently been the recipient of several academic awards, such as the Rosemarie Schilling Finlay Scholarship from St. Paul’s College, and graduate funding from the Manitoba Chair of Global Governance Studies (MCGGS) and the Stephen A. Jarislowsky Chair of the Modern History of the Middle East & North Africa Institute. 

Her MA research is focused on the impact of the tribal system in Afghanistan upon counterinsurgency (COIN) operations. The aim of the research is to further understand Canadian involvement in conflicts that contain a tribal element, specifically with regard to the people of Afghanistan. Recently, she presented original research at the Prairie Political Studies Association (PPSA) Conference in Banff, Alberta, Canada with a paper titled “Primacy of Indigenous Culture in Afghanistan: Counterinsurgency Forces as External Entities”. In March 2020, she will present “Gender Empowerment in Traditional Societies: Lessons from the Counterinsurgency Campaign in Afghanistan” as part of a panel on Women and Governance, at the International Studies Association (ISA) in Hawaii, USA.