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Team Member

Maria Nallim

Graduate Fellow

Maria is a graduate fellow at NAADSN and an MA student in the Department of Political Studies at Queen’s University. She recently graduated with an Honours BA in History and Political Studies from the University of Manitoba. Maria’s interest in the Arctic developed with her involvement in a student-led research program with which she traveled to Churchill and Wapusk National Park on two occasions to study the effects of climate change on the Arctic. In her work with NAADSN over the summer, Maria worked under the mentorship of Dr. Andrea Charron and Dr. Will Greaves on how climate change might affect CAF operations in North America. She has co-created “The Impacts of Climate Change on North American Defence and Security” (with Jill Barclay, Jayde Lavoie, and Carly MacArthur) and “Climate Change, Security, & Military Preparedness in North America” (with Jill Barclay, Jayde Lavoie, and Carly MacArthur).