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Canada-Norway Cooperation on Arctic and High North Security: Information and Influence Operations Workshop

December 13, 2023

Hybrid warfare and disinformation campaigns have become central pillars of Russian and Chinese evolving approach to waging twenty-first century conflict. While conventional military action against other Arctic states remains unlikely, competitors seek to exploit divisions amongst and within the like-minded Arctic states through concerted disinformation campaigns designed to polarize populations and exacerbate tensions.

This workshop featuring Canadian and Norwegian experts will discuss disinformation, societal trust, and resilience in an Arctic context. Topics (all discussed in an unclassified setting) will include: Norwegian and Canadian assessments of hybrid threats from Russia and China; actual or potential adversarial activities in the information and influence domains; and policies and best practices to prepare for, combat against, and build resilience towards disinformation and malign influence.

This event is in-person and invitation only.

Please link to suggested read ahead materials here.


Workshop on Information and Influence Operations

and Hybrid Threats in the Arctic

Québec Boardroom

Lord Elgin Hotel, Ottawa


9:00-9:10            Opening Remarks

Dr. P. Whitney Lackenbauer and Dr. Marc Lanteigne


9:10-9:30            Morning Keynote Discussion

Dr. Tobias Etzold, Senior Research Fellow, Norsk Utenrikspolitisk Instiutt (NUPI)


9:30-10:40         Session 1: Assessments of Hybrid Threats from Russia and China

Moderated by: Dr. Sergey Sukhankin and Dr. Bjørn Gunnar Isaksen


10:40-10:50       Coffee/Tea Break


10:50-12:00       Session 2: Adversarial Activities in the Information and Influence domains

Moderated by: Dr. Andrew Bresnahan and Dr. Adam Lajeunesse


12:00-1:20         Lunch (not catered, on the town)


1:20-1:40            Afternoon Keynote Discussion

Dr. Marc Lanteigne, Associate Professor, UiT The Arctic University of Norway


1:40-2:50            Session 3: Policies/Best Practices

Moderated by: Dr. Andrea Charron and Dr. Paal Sigurd Hilde


2:50-3:20            Roundtable Reflections and Wrap Up

Moderated by: Dr. P. Whitney Lackenbauer and Dr. Suzanne Lalonde


3:30-4:30            NAADSN Coordination Meeting


7:00 pm               Casual Dinner


Lord Elgin Hotel, Ottawa, ON, Canada