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Emerging Arctic Security Threats: Nordic and North American Perspectives

January 29, 2024

This student-led workshop on Emerging Arctic Security Threats: Nordic and North American perspectives will be held at Norway’s Arctic University (UiT) in Tromso on Monday, 29 January 2024. The primary audience for this workshop will be young scholars and policy practitioners who will have an opportunity to discuss emerging Arctic security issues with established North American and Nordic experts. This will enhance awareness amongst future leaders and facilitate discussion on how diverse stakeholders and rightsholders in the like-minded Arctic states can best promote cooperation and stability across the Circumpolar North.

Panelists will be invited to deliver 3-5 minute introductory reflections followed by a question and answer period, with priority given to students and early career professionals to shape the discussion.

1300-1310          Welcome Remarks

Rory Jakubec, Whitney Lackenbauer, and Marc Lanteigne (co-organizers)

1310-1330          Lunch Keynote: Jackie Jacobson 

1330-1430          Indigenous Perspectives: Self-Determination, Security, and Resilience

1430-1445          Health Break

1445-1545          Great Power Competition: What Does it Means for Arctic Affairs?

1545-1600          Health Break

1600-1700          Sovereignty, Security, and Safety: From Circumpolar to Community Scales

1700-1710          Final Comments



Auditorium Nedre Lysthus, Tromso, , Norway