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North American and Arctic Defence and Security Network

A collaborative network providing timely, relevant, and reliable expert advice on North American and Arctic defence and security topics.


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NAADSN Ideas Series: NATO at 75

Canada in NATO, 1949-2019: A Discussion with Dr. Joseph T. Jockel and Dr. Joel Sokolsky. Moderated by Dr. Andrea Charron. Recorded on 13 March 2024.

NAADSN Ideas Series: Doubling Back: The Retrenchment of China's Arctic Strategies

Featuring Dr. Marc Lanteigne and Moderated by Dr. P. Whitney Lackenbauer. Recorded on 26 January 2024.


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    Please join NAADSN for the Emerging Leaders Node (ELN) 5th Annual Summer Conference, held via Zoom from Monday, 29 July 2024 to Wednesday, 31 July 2024. The Summer Conference is an excellent opportunity for young scholars, at various stages of academia, and early-career professionals to present their work to an...

Who we are

NAADSN/RDSNAA will address three core policy challenges: 
Defence in the Arctic, Securing North America and Continental Defence, and 
Climate Change and the Environment.

Our Partners

The Mobilizing Insights in Defence and Security (MINDS) program is designed to facilitate collaboration and mobilize knowledge between the Department of National Defence, the Canadian Armed Forces, and academia and other experts on defence and security issues. Through its Targeted Engagement Grants, collaborative networks, scholarships, and expert briefings, MINDS works and collaborates with key partners to strengthen the foundation of evidence-based defence policy making. These partnerships drive innovation by encouraging new analyses of emerging global events, opportunities, and crises, while supporting a stronger defence and security dialogue with Canadians.