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The Ethics of Automated Warfare and Artificial Intelligence

May 4, 2021

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This webinar is the first of a longer webinar series hosted by the Artificial Intelligence Institute and Drs. Bessma Momani and Jean-François Bélanger at the University of Waterloo. Each webinar will explore a different aspect of AI and warfare, bringing together both technical and policy experts to discuss the big questions, concerns, and developments in the field.

Our first webinar will explore how interconnected the development of artificial intelligence and warfare is. This is a broad question, but one that is the overarching backbone of this webinar series. Discussions around the military application of AI are nothing new, and have sparked their lot of controversy, including the “Stop Killer Robots” campaign that has seen important AI scholars advocate against AI automated warfare. As the opening webinar, panelists will be tasked to define for the audience what artificial intelligence is, what it has been used for in the military context, and the state of the art today.

The Defence and Security Foresight Group is excited to be collaborating with the AI Institute at the University of Waterloo, as well as the North American and Arctic Defence and Security Network on this joint webinar providing an overview of the state of AI in Canadian defence and security.


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