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Team Member

Alla Hurska

Research Fellow

Alla Hurska is an Associate Fellow with the International Centre for Policy Studies (Kyiv), and an Analyst in the Jamestown Foundation (Washington, US) and she is pursuing her Masters degree in History at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Currently she is working on her MA thesis titled “Russian Ice-breaker diplomacy in the Arctic region: past, present and future”.  Her areas of interest include Russian and Chinese policies in the Arctic region, nonlinear forms of warfare, disinformation, Ukrainian foreign and security policy, and the geopolitics of oil. Prior to starting her MA at the University of Alberta, Alla studied in Ukraine, Poland, Germany and Spain. She completed her previous MA in International Relations with a thesis on Russian-Ukrainian relations. Alla has received the University of Alberta Graduate Fellowship and Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship. She is a team member of the Defence and Security Foresight Group (European NATO team), University of Waterloo.
Currently Alla is working as a Research Assistant for Prof. David Marples. She is a co-author of the book entitled “Joseph Stalin: A Reference Guide to His Life and Works.”
Alla’s articles and expert comments have been published in international think tanks, research institutions, and news outlets, including the Jamestown Foundation (Washington, DC), Center for European Policy Analysis (Washington, DC), Diplomaatia (Estonia), ICPS (Ukraine), Kyiv Post (Ukraine) and, in Spain, CIDOB, Autonomous University of Barcelona, El Periódico de Catalunya, and El Confidencial. She also co-authored a peer-reviewed article entitled “Russia’s Private Military Contractors: Cause for Worry?” published in Canadian Military Journal.