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Team Member

Christina Bouchard

Research Fellow

Christina Bouchard has over 12 years experience working in Canada and internationally on infrastructure planning and implementation projects. Working in the public and private sectors she has led interdisciplinary teams responsible for infrastructure design and implementation. Areas of expertise include: project design and management, policy development, budget management, contract management, staff supervision and training, teambuilding, intergovernmental relations, communications, public consultation and stakeholder management.

Following the publication of publication of the NAADSN Policy Primer “Arctic Highways as Critical Infrastructure”, in 2020 Christina was invited to design and manage a research program to further scope and quantify Critical Infrastructure in Canada’s arctic territories. This NAADSN research program emphasizes evolving populations, infrastructure lifecycle maintenance and governance pressures so that we may better anticipate the threats and risks to existing assets. The program takes a multi-modal approach, with the pressures of climate change advancement at the center of the project.

Christina’s forthcoming NAADSN publications “Airports and Aerodromes as Critical Infrastructure” (2020) and “Ports as Critical Infrastructure” (2020) takes stock of existing assets, applying remoteness measures developed by Statistic Canada to analyze their operational significance.  The application of this gravity-based model helps us to understand infrastructure needs in Canada’s most remote communities, and by extension opportunities for strategic investments in sovereignty, peace, and reconciliation.

Christina holds an MPA from Dalhousie University (2018) and is a PhD candidate at the University of Ottawa’s School of Public Administration Studies. Research areas include organizational design, governance and risk management as pertaining to infrastructure implementation. In 2020, she was awarded a director’s scholarship, to pursue research for the University of Ottawa’s Political Science Department.