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Team Member

Picture of Dr. Suzanne Lalonde

Dr. Suzanne Lalonde

Network Coordinator

Dr. Suzanne Lalonde (Professor of International Law, Université de Montréal) is a specialist of the Law of the Sea, with an emphasis on the Arctic. She has appeared before parliamentary committees, advised the Government of Nunavut, taken part in Canadian Forces operations in the North, and regularly participates in the biannual meetings of the ASWG. She has been involved in various research projects analyzing the legal implications of an increasingly accessible Arctic region, identifying the most effective legal mechanisms – national, regional, and internation al – to adequately protect the Arctic marine environment and the critical role it plays in the life of Northerners. She will continue this ground-breaking work on the application of international and domestic laws related to Arctic security and safety issues, including how federal, territorial, and land claim jurisdictions may be applied, and will co-lead research efforts on opportunities for enhancing circumpolar partnerships.