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Team Member

Joe Crowther

Research Fellow

Joe Crowther graduated with an M.A. (2022) in Political Science at the University of Victoria. Joe specializes in International Relations, International Law, and geopolitical and climate issues of the Arctic. Joe also graduated with a B.A. (2015) from the University of Leeds in the U.K. in International Relations and completed an international exchange at the University of Calgary (2014). Joe is currently working with the British Columbia Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, as a Policy Analyst with Climate Action Secretariat, focussing on emissions reduction and sustainable development.

Joe has co-authored a book chapter with Dr. Wilfrid Greaves (NAADSN Network Co-Lead) and Nicholas Andrews (NAADSN Research Fellow) titled ‘(De)securitization, Climate Change, and Independence: Colonial Experiences and Contemporary Politics in Kalaallit Nunaat and Inuit Nunangat’. This chapter will be featured in the upcoming book titled ‘Greenland in Arctic Security: entangled (de)securitization dynamics under climate thaw and geopolitical freeze’, set for publication in late 2023. Joe’s Master’s thesis, titled ‘Thawing the Tension: U.S.-Greenland Relations and Climate Change (non)Securitization’ is available through the University of Victoria.

Outside of his academic pursuits, Joe is a passionate world traveller having worked and lived in multiple countries including Japan, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand. Joe’s other passions include snowboarding, where he is an internationally certified snowboard coach, having taught in Japan and Canada. Joe’s other passions include hiking, surfing, scuba diving, music, and cinematography.

Reading List: Greenland, compiled by Gabriella Gricius and Joe Crowther, March 2022

Reading List: Economic Security, compiled by Joe Crowther and Gabriella Gricius, March 2022