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Team Member

Nathalie Poirier

Nathalie Poirier is currently a student at Saint Paul University in the Public Ethics Masters program. She holds a BA in Conflict Studies from Saint Paul University and has previously been a student with the University of Ottawa in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program. Through a feminist ethics lens, her MA research will address linkages between Arctic and Northern climate change, increased vessel traffic due to greater accessibility, and how those realities impact Inuit families and food (in) securities. Engaging in a collaborative approach to research, Nathalie seeks to contribute knowledge and data about Inuit women’s experience in an ever-changing landscape contributing data which would be relevant in the scope of public policy serving the Arctic and Northern communities. 

With her professional experience in the federal government as a conflict management practitioner and as an advocate for victims of sexual violence, Nathalie brings to the network a passion for collaboration, dialogue, and equity in the organizational context. Her work experience is entrenched in complex case management allowing her to better understand the humanness of individuals seeking support, assisting them in addressing their needs and interests and contributing to avenues of resolution.