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Team Member

Nicholas Glesby

Network Administrator, Emerging Leaders Node Co-Lead, and Research Fellow

Nicholas Glesby is the Network Administrator, Emerging Leaders Node Co-Lead, and Research Fellow at the North American and Arctic Defence and Security Network. His research interests include Canada-U.S. defence relations, Arctic security, and military history. His thesis examined the Canada-United States Permanent Joint Board on Defence (PJBD) and its legacy of advice outcomes since 1940. He is also a Student Fellow and Research Assistant at the Centre for Defence and Security Studies. Nicholas received his Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and Master of Arts in Political Studies from the University of Manitoba in 2021 and 2023.

At the University of Manitoba, Nicholas held a 2022-2023 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council CGS-M, the 2021-2023 Duff Roblin Fellowship in Canadian and Manitoba Government and Politics, the 2021-2023 Paul Buteux Fellowship, the 2023 Faculty of Graduate Studies Research Completion Scholarship, and the 2022 Murray and Muriel Smith Scholarship.

Nicholas previously worked as a Policy Analyst in Transport Canada Prairie and Northern Regional Director General’s Office. He was the 2022 Gold Merit Scholar of the Oxford Diplomacy and Geopolitics Forum Summer Programme on International Affairs at the University of Oxford, and 2022 Canadian Defence and Security Network Capstone Laureate.

Policy Primer: NORAD in the Arctic: Command and Control Gaps and Information Siloes, by Nicholas Glesby, August 2023

Policy Primer: Academic Research on China’s Arctic Interests in English, 2006-2021: Preliminary Quantitative Analysis, by Gabriella Gricius with Nicholas Glesby, Ruting Guo, and P. Whitney Lackenbauer, July 2023

Event Report: The Changing Arctic: Canadian and Icelandic Perspectives, by Nicholas Glesby, June 2023

Event Report: The Emerging Ideas Series: Celebrating 65 Years of NORAD, by Nicholas Glesby, May 2023

Event Report: NORAD at 65: The Arctic and Homeland Defense Symposium, by Nicholas Glesby, May 2023

Quick Impact: NORAD’s Aerospace Warning Mission: Reflections on Recent Incursions, by Nicholas Glesby, February 2023

Policy Brief: The Permanent Joint Board on Defence: Foundational or “Limbo” to a Renewed Purpose?, by Nicholas Glesby, August 2021

Event Report: NORAD Modernization Closed Door Workshop, by Nicholas Glesby, Daniel Kiesman, Jill Barclay, and Andrea Charron, June 2021