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Team Member

Timothy Choi

Research Fellow

Timothy Choi is completing his Ph.D. at the University of Calgary’s Centre for Military, Security and Strategic Studies, where his dissertation is entitled, “Maritime Strategies of the North: The Seapower of Smaller Maritime Forces in an Era of Broadened Security.” It asks how the Danish, Norwegian, and Canadian maritime forces developed in response to the adoption and legitimization of the 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zone, and whether smaller forces have generalizable differences in such responses compared to larger ones. This has seen him sailing with Danish and Norwegian patrol vessels to gain deeper insights into the tactical level of peacetime naval activities. He is a former Smith Richardson Predoctoral Fellow at Yale University’s International Security Studies, where he worked with Professor Paul Kennedy, and is also a Research Fellow at Dalhousie University’s Centre for the Study of Security and Development and a Fellow with the Canadian Global Affairs Institute. He serves on the editorial board of and is the photo editor at the Canadian Naval Review. Outside of academia, his interests and expertise include scale ship modeling, photography, and social media outreach. His most recent publications include the following: 

2021 “Danish Naval Evolution in the Arctic: Developments through the Unipolar Moment.” In Navies in Multipolar Worlds, edited by Paul Kennedy and Evan Wilson. London: Routledge. 

2020 “Maritime Militarization in the Arctic: Identifying Civil-Military Dependencies.” In Arctic Yearbook 2020

2020  “Editorial: Not for Sale: Trump, Greenland, and Danish Naval Diplomacy.” Canadian Naval Review 15, no. 3: 2-4.