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Team Member

Gabriella Gricius

Research Fellow

Gabriella Gricius is a Ph.D. Student in Political Science at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO where she also acts as a Graduate Teaching Assistant and was recently selected as an InTERFEWS Trainee. She also is a Fellow at the Arctic College’s Geopolitics Intensive 2021 Spring College. Gabriella’s research focuses on Russian studies, Arctic politics, decolonial, securitization, and critical security theory. In her spare time, she writes for a variety of online publications including Foreign Policy, Responsible Statecraft, and Riddle Russia amongst many others. She also co-produces the podcast Disrupt, which aims to introduce audiences to the critical school of theories in International Relations. 

For the past three years, Gabriella worked for Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Public International Law and Policy Group as a Researcher and Lecturer in the International Law Clinic. In the years before, she worked for the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies and the International Criminal Court. In 2015-2016, Gabriella was named as a Fellow of the Parlamentarisches Patenschafts Programm. She received her MA in International Security from the University of Groningen and her BA in International Relations from Boston University. Gabriella is fluent in German and English and working towards fluency in Russian and Dutch. Outside of academia, Gabriella loves to run and train for marathons, kickbox, and practice yoga when she has time.